I did not understand your story but this is irrelevant.
I received your “ModemData” and if you sent in some mail with it to, it would not have been rejected if named ModemData.txt.
Anyway the software for your modem Agere 620 is very recent and
sometimes works, sometimes not.
Download the file
from the Web site
Open the package with
tar jxf agrsm-alpha.tar.bz2
Walk into this package with
cd agrsm-alpha
Read the file named README and do what it says:
make module
sudo make install
To see if your modem works, do
sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf
If the modem is recognised by wvdialconf, do
sudo gvim /etc/wvdial.conf
and edit the three lines starting with ;
Erase the ;, erase < , erase >, and replace the text on the right side
of = by the values given by your Internet service.
Finally, sudo wvdial to get connected.



Thanks Jacques……. I’ll try



Dial up dengan Modem Internal 


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